Chinese Herbal Medicine: Uses and Benefits

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilises thousands of herbal substances, which consist largely of plant materials such as leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds. With our extensive training and experience, we can advise patients on a number of Chinese herbal formula and applications at practice to complement other treatments and relieve a variety of health conditions, symptoms, and types of physical discomfort.

Our trained practitioners can select from the hundreds of Chinese herbs available in order to naturally and effectively treat your symptoms. This can be done through herbal prescriptions, which can consist of purified concentrated herbal granules, or come in patent pill or capsule form. Because they are the most convenient for our clients and patients; and this is #1 key to health improvements and outcomes. Consumption of granule is convenient: just dissolve the herbal granules in hot water and consume the resulting brew. All of the Chinese herbal medicine dispensed in our clinic are listed and regulated by the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration for quality and safety.

It is very important to consult with our practitioner before taking herbal medicines and it is best to use Chinese herbs under the care of a qualified practitioner.

Common Applications of Chinese Herbs

Herbs may be used in combination for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Some of the most common herbs, along with their clinical applications, include:

Angelica root (Dang Gui): Supplements the blood, regulates menstruation, invigorates the blood

Atractylode (Bai Zhu): Promotes digestion to alleviate digestive disorders, eliminates excessive moisture

Bupleurum (Chai Hu): Treats liver diseases, skin problems, arthritis, menopausal syndrome, and psychiatric disorders

Cinnamon (Gui Zhi and Rou Gui): Warms the body, improves circulation, harmonizes the upper and lower body

Ginger (Sheng Jiang): Promotes healthy digestion and circulation, alleviates nausea

Ginseng (Ren Shen): Strongly supplements the original Qi, regulates blood sugar, enhances immune function

Goji berry (Gou Qi Zi): Enriches the Kidney, supplements the Liver, brightens the eyes

Licorice (Gan Cao): Neutralises toxins, relieves inflammation, enhances digestion

Peony (Bai Shao and Chi Shao): Detoxification of the blood, alleviates muscle spasms and menstrual cramps