Cupping Benefits

The idea of cupping therapy is to strengthen the immune system and allow the smooth circulation of blood by restoring the flow of energy in the body.

Cup sites are chosen according to the patient’s symptoms and the number of cups used will vary depending on the patient’s condition and the cup size.

Cupping may help to:

Does cupping hurt?

Generally, the main sensation caused is one of tightness, pressure, slight discomfort and warmth, caused by the feeling of the skin being sucked upwards into a cup. Every individual has a different experience, where some may find it painful while others do not.

Is cupping safe?

Cupping therapy is relatively safe with infrequent and rare reports of adverse events. Most adverse events relate to scar formations and burns and others include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, skin infection, pain at cupping site. Though the associated side effects may be prevented by giving appropriate precautions and guidelines to patients, as well as the practice of maintaining clean and sterilised cups.

Please note: Cupping methods will produce obvious suction marks on your body.